Case Study: using video to flip the classroom

Dr. Jana Funke, Centre for Medical History

HIH3595: Sexuality in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Britain

Using video to ‘flip the classroom’, Dr Jana Funke explains how positively students have responded to this approach – and how she has felt able to free up time in lectures for more interesting, engaging discussion:

I used the videos in two ways, first of all to prepare teaching, then also to reinforce certain learning content. So I would basically ask students to watch the videos before the lectures, and that way in the lectures themselves I could draw on that kind of knowledge and just build on it and develop it. So that was really useful, but then I also used them after the lectures as seminars, so for instance if students came to me during office hours and they didn’t understand something, I could say to them, “Well, have a look at the video, and if you then have questions come back to me and ask them.” So that really helped me to answer certain questions and I think manage my time more efficiently as well, so that was really useful. I’m sure that students used them as well when it came to revising for essays and exams, so they were really good both to prepare and revise learning content.


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