Tech Trumps: New interactive version!

One of the outcomes of our recent Collaborate project were the technology “tech trumps” – technology information cards that use a top trump metaphor to illustrate the potential affordances of a wide range of digital technologies against a set of predefined educational benchmarks. The Tech Trumps, as they’ve come to be known, seem to have caught the imagination of many, and at Education Quality & Enhancement we’re continuing to develop them further and integrate them into our wider practices.

As part of this ongoing development, we’ve been working to design an interactive version of the cards which works in tandem with the Dimensions of Work-Integrated Assessment model. Using this new interactive webpage, an assessment can be designed and technologies which would be appropriate to support that assessment can be automatically displayed. Tweaks to the design can then be made, and new technologies will be displayed, creating a very flexible and iterative cycle of design and digital technology suggestion.

This new interactive model is still in its infancy, and needs more work on its aesthetic and interface, but it’s already functional and usable and we’re keen to get feedback to help steer its future development. You can access the interactive model through the link below:

Please let us know what you think in the comments below – and look out for further posts about the Tech Trumps as we develop them further.


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