ELE Tips and Tricks: new plug-ins

We have recently added a couple of plug-ins to ELE after discussions at the ELE Management Group. Plug-ins bring functionality from third-party apps to ELE’s existing capabilities, offering more flexible ways of working.

Example of certificateThe certificate module creates PDF certificates or diplomas for students of an ELE course, and is very flexible, allowing borders, watermarks, seals and grade information.You can see examples of the certificate in use here, via Moodle.org.  To add a certificate to your course, turn editing on and click on the ‘Add an activity or resource’ link shown in each section of any ELE course – the certificate is listed under Activities. There are various settings to choose, including notifying tutors of certificates being issued and printing students’ grades.


OU wiki in actionThe OU wiki has also been added to ELE’s extensive range of interactive tools. Unlike the built-in wiki offered in ELE, the OU wiki uses HTML rather than wiki mark-up language (with only a few exceptions), making the learning curve a little less steep for newcomers to wikis. The OU wiki also offers a range of reports and statistics for usage, with easy navigation and simple creation of new paragraphs or pages. To add an OU wiki to your course, click on ‘Add an activity or resource’, and choose from the activities listed. There are various options to chooose from during set-up, including sub-wikis for groups, for example, and whether or not to allow annotation.

We’re always keen to hear from you, whether in relation to doing more with Exeter’s existing technologies or perhaps to ask us about something interesting you’ve seen elsewhere, so drop us a line at e-learning@exeter.ac.uk or leave a comment here.


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