Making feedback work for us all! Seminar 30th January

Our Academic Practice Network Seminar series will re-start for 2014 on Thursday 30th January with a lunchtime discussion led by Carol Evans from the Graduate School of Education. Everyone is welcome. There is no need to book.

Making feedback work for us all!
Feeding in and streamlining : enhancing feedback processes

Carol Evans
Thursday 30th January 1-2 pm
Forum Seminar Room 02


In this seminar we will look at how we can encourage students to “feed in” into feedback by taking a more active role in the process and what we can do to facilitate this.  We will also consider a less is more approach from the lecturer perspective – quality over quantity. We will look at some examples of recent pedagogical approaches and the implications of these for practice and what we can all do to streamline feedback processes to make them more effective.

As well as attending the seminar, please see this link to a recent review paper of Carol’s which you can download for free: Making Sense of Assessment Feedback in Higher Education

The Academic Practice Network includes a series of lunchtime seminar discussions which offer an opportunity to network with colleagues from across the University. Come along to share ideas, views, experiences and examples of your practice. The Network will explore constructive, realistic and innovative solutions to the challenges we share when teaching in higher education. Facilitated by an Academic colleague, many of whom will be ASPIRE Senior or Principal Fellows, the seminars each have a central focus or theme.  The sessions run from 13:00 to 14:00, so please feel free to bring along your lunch or refreshments if you wish to. There is no need to book. Please drop in to share your own issues and perspectives. 

The full list of Academic Practice Network seminars and workshops is available on the ASPIRE website.


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