Thirty Assessment Methods

If you’re looking for a document that summarises a wide range of possible methods for formative and summative assessment, Thirty Assessment Methods could offer some helpful suggestions. Originally written by Dr Dilly Fung as a resource for the LTHE and PCAP programmes, the assessment options are presented in two sections, ‘Coursework assignments’ and ‘Exams and other timed assessments’. Each assessment method is briefly described, along with reasons you might consider using it, possible challenges and considerations for each.

‘Thirty Assessment Methods’ – summary:

Part 1: Coursework assignments

Thirty Assessment Methods (pdf)

  • Essay
  • Case study / problem centred assignment
  • Short answer questions
  • Project
  • Portfolio
  • Dissertation / thesis
  • Web page
  • Wiki contribution
  • Online discussion forum contribution
  • Reports
  • Journals / diaries and logbooks
  • Video / podcast
  • Profession-specific artefact (e.g. set design; teaching resource)
  • Creative / design tasks (e.g. exhibitions; website design)
  • Concept-mapping graphical assignment
  • Peer-group / collaborative coursework tasks
Part 2: Exams and other timed assessments
  • Essay-based exams
  • Open book exams
  • Case study / problem-centred exam
  • Short-answer questions exam
  • Multiple choice / true-false exam
  • In-class test / quiz
  • Laboratory exercise / Practical
  • Individual presentations
  • Poster presentations
  • Small group presentations
  • Class participation
  • Formal debate
  • Performance (e.g. theatre; music)
  • Demonstration of practical / professional skill (e.g. using equipment)

Download ‘Thirty Assessment Methods’ (pdf)


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