Academic Practice Network Seminars

The second of the Academic Practice Network Seminar Series is taking place on Thursday 27th February, led by Corony Edwards, Head of Education Enhancement

Assessment for Learning: More learning, Less Marking

Thursday 27th February, 13:00 – 14:00
Forum Seminar Room 02

TESTA is a £200,000 National Teaching Fellowship project on programme assessment, funded by the Higher Education Academy. This session draws on the key findings of the project as the starting point for a discussion on how we might revitalise our assessment regimes to make them more learning-oriented

The third Seminar will be led by Dr Nick Hopcroft, Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences

Team-Based Learning: Using Small Group Peer Discussions in Large Group Teaching

Wednesday 19th March, 13:00 – 14:00
Building One: Syndicate Room B

In this workshop we will demonstrate Team-Based Learning (TBL), a technique involving both individual and small group work, which can be used by a single lecturer during large group teaching sessions. We will share our experiences of using this approach to consolidate learning, rather than deliver new material, within the context of the First Year medical curriculum at Exeter

Everyone welcome, no need to book!


We would also like to bring to your attention the upcoming workshops:

25/02/14          Doctoral Supervision  

10.00-13.00     Streatham, Old Library, Room 129

11/03/14           ASPIRE Guidance Session  

12.00-13.00     Streatham, Building One, Syndicate C

13/03/14          ASPIRE Writing Retreat

11.00-16.00     Streatham, Xfi, Seminar Room C

18/03/14          Using Social Media to Enhance Learning    

11.00-13.00     Penryn, Peter Lanyon, Room 9


Please book Academic Practice Workshops via Trent

If you have any booking issues or any questions, please contact us

Download the Academic Practice Network Seminar flyer


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