Academic Practice Seminar: 8 Days of Twitter (#UoE8DoT) (Tristan Cann, Shaun Richards and Kate Tyler) Monday 1st June 2015 – Wednesday 10th June 2015

ASPIRE:  Academic Practice Online Event

8 Days of Twitter (#UoE8DoT)

A few minutes a day online from: Monday 1st June – Wednesday 10th June

Facilitators: Tristan Cann, Shaun Richards, Kate Tyler

Ever wondered if Twitter might be a useful tool for supporting your research or enhancing your teaching & learning? Not sure how to get started or how it all works?

8 Days of Twitter is an online course which, in a few minutes a day over 8 days, gets you tweeting and exploring what Twitter has to offer you. We’ll be exploring Twitter together, focusing very practically on how it can support your academic practice, with the facilitators on hand to guide and support.

Each day, on the 8 Days of Twitter ELE course,  you will find a short post, which you can read in your own time, guiding you through a small aspect of Twitter.  We will interact with each other too on Twitter, so you can start building your professional network at Exeter.

None of these activities will take up very much of your time, so we hope that you will join us, whether you are brand new to Twitter or looking to develop your use of the platform.

To register, please send an email to:

The task on the first day is to set up your Twitter account, but if you would like some help setting up your Twitter account before the course starts, we will happily drop by to assist you.  Just let us know when you register.

Don’t take our word for it …

Thousands of academics and researchers are already using Twitter to promote their work, ask questions, find resources and collaborate on projects, many of them are here at Exeter University.   Listen to Professor Richard Toye, from the Department of History, describe how he uses Twitter as part of his professional practice.

Eight Days of Twitter is adapted from Ten Days of Twitter for Learning Developers by Helen Webster which is licensed under aCreative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Flyer for 8 Days of Twitter


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