This year’s sessions

As the autumn terms progresses, we’ve got new dates in the calendar for the Academic Practice Network – please feel free to share as widely as possible!

The next session will be 6 December, 12.00-1.00, in the Council Chamber (Northcote House) – Dr Emma Taylor will be introducing the skills audit aspect of the tutoring system in Medical Sciences; she will be joined by Drs Matt Finn and Sean Carter, who will share the Exeter Geography approach to academic support, with an emphasis on tutoring and study skills. Emma and Matt are both part of the Education Incubator.

The network offers a flexible space for colleagues to meet, share practice and hear about things going on in other areas of the university – a time to join the dots, grow networks, and hopefully learn a thing or two. The format we offer is a 50-minute slot, with a member of the Academic Development team there to facilitate discussions or any activities colleagues would like to try out.

We also have the following tentative dates for the rest of the year:

7 February

9 or 18 May

4 July

We have rooms booked between 11.30 to 1.30 to fit in with the teaching timetable; get in touch via if you’d like to contribute, and we hope to see you in December’s session.



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