Visionary learning

VL.jpgDr David Roberts (@docrob), Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and Senior Lecturer in International Relations Loughborough University, visited the University on Tuesday 14 November 2017 to give a seminar on his work on visual learning and imagery in large group teaching, how it can increase student engagement and how it similarly affects dyslexic student engagement. For further information and rationale, please click here.

From the VL website:

‘We formed this CoP [community of practice] to disseminate, examine and critically evaluate the extent to which visual learning works in different environments, disciplines, levels, abilities and demographics. The CoP doesn’t prescribe what members do with this idea and there is no formal structure. Whilst it was instigated by David Roberts (Loughborough University), the group’s activities derive from its members’ preferences and ideas. Each member can take the MML method and apply, develop, deviate, evaluate and report on the method however they see fit. Each member can choose how they participate in that process, call meetings and symposia, host teach-ins, share data, develop evaluation methods and post data via the webmaster, Mark Dransfield (York St. John).

The nature of the CoP implies that members will share their findings in professional publications that can be added to the site; write informal blogs as experiments and pedagogic journeys unfold; and support the Community’s needs as they evolve to the extent of their own choosing. This CoP supports learning and teaching, but also supports the idea of Continuous Professional Development (CPD). By participating, members accrue evidence of self-motivated professional development in the domain of learning and teaching.’



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