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The University of Exeter’s Academic Practice Network (APN) offers a flexible space for colleagues to meet, share and celebrate good practice through flexible seminars, workshops and other events.  For more information on the APN and to see our schedule of events, please visit our main website.

This blog supports the Academic Practice Network, raising awareness not only of the good practice taking place at the university, but also a wide range of resources aimed at developing practice in teaching and learning across all disciplines.

Recent Blog Posts:

  • Encountering emotions in academia - It was our pleasure to participate in Dr Donna Poade’s APN workshop, which reflected on how we – as staff working within a university – each navigate our emotional journey through life in academia or in a higher education environment. The ways in which our research, teaching, and/or tutoring affects us on a personal level … Continue reading Encountering emotions in academia
  • Team Science Education - APN Session 26 November 2018 Dr Sawsan Khuri is a Lecturer at Exeter College of Medicine and Health, and an independent Collaboration Consultant. Sawsan explained what Team Science is, why we should include Team Science Education and Training in our focus, and how to build a Team Science curriculum. Why is it important/relevant? Among the … Continue reading Team Science Education
  • A Focus on Employability - This past two weeks the Academic Practice Network was ran with a theme of employability. Oliver Laity (Careers Information and Systems Manager) and Matthew Taylor (Destinations Survey Manager) provided insights on student careers data, and how academics can use this information to better support the employability of students. It was highlighted that Exeter was one of the 15 … Continue reading A Focus on Employability

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